Wormwood is a perennial herbaceous plant, and sometimes is a semi-shrub of the family of Compositae. The root is strongly branched, the stem is up to 1.5 m high, strongly branched. The leaves are soft hair, which look silver-gray. The flowers are trumpet, yellow. The fruit is back oval without a kite or a crown. The whole plant has a pleasant smell and a bitter taste. Blooms in July - August.

In Bulgaria the wormwood is found on the grassy and stony places, in the gardens and in the unproductive places, along the roads, etc.

The stalks (Herba Absinthii) are used. They berate in July - August, at the beginning of the flowering or during flowering, the cut flowers are cut to 25 cm. from the top.

In medicine, it is used to excite appetite, improve digestion and enhance the release of pancreatic and bile juice, stomach colitis, gastritis, anemia, epilepsy, insomnia, etc. Not recommended for nursing mothers and pregnant women. May cause poisoning at higher doses.

A great application is found in the wine and liqueur industry.

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