Achillea millefolium L. Yartow (milfoil)
White yarrow is a perennial herbaceous plant with creeping underground shoots of the family of Compositae. The stem is up to 60 cm high, branched only at the top.
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Gemeine SchafgarbeBärenlauch 5 - 74-5 5,000
Calendula officinalis L.** Pot marigold
Marigold is an annual, rarely two-year, interstitial herbaceous plant of the Compositae family. The root is spindle-shaped with multiple branches.
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Garten Ringelblume 5 - 8 1,000
Centaurea cyanus L. Cornflower (Bachelor’ buttons)
Cornflower (Bachelor’ buttons) is a one-year or two-year-old beautiful herbaceous plant. The root is vertical with multiple branches. The stem is up to 60 cm high...
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Kornblume 5 - 8 1,000
Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rausch (Marticaria recutita L.) Wilde chamomil (matricary)
The chamomile is an annual herbaceous plant of the Sloch-colored family. The root is thin branched, light brown. The stem is high up to 50 cm...
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Echte Kamille 4 - 6 1,000
Crataegus Laevigatus Hawthorn
Hawthorn is a thorny shrub of the Genus Rosaceae tall up to 3-4 m. Its stem has a smooth gray crust and is covered with prickly spines.
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Weissdorn 5 - 6 1,000
Filipendula vulg. Dropwort
The dropwort is the perennial herbaceous plant of the Rosaceae family. The rhizome is creeping with many roots. The stem is up to 2 m high...
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Maedesueb 4 - 7 1,000
Helianthus annuus L. Common sunflower
Sunflower is a one-year-old plant of the Sognozhgate family. The corneal system is highly developed. The stem is up to 3 m high, stiff..
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Gemeine Sonnenblume 6 - 7 1,000
Lavandula angustifolia Mill.(Lavandula vera DC)** Lavеnder
Lavender is a tall, perennial semi-shrub of the Ornoten family. The root system is highly developed in depth and width. The stems are many, forming tufts
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Echter lavandel 6 - 8 10,000
Malva sylvestris L. Common mallow
The fall is an annual (up to perennial) herbaceous plant of the Slazov family (Malvacea), up to 80 cm high. It occurs in weedy places, ruins, trenches, roads and grassy places.
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Wilde Malve 7 - 8 1,000
Papaver rhoeas L. Field poppy (corn poppy)
Field poppy is an annual herbaceous plant of the Papaveraceae family. Stem is up to 80 cm high, straight, straight or branched, more or less fiber.
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Klatschmohn 6 - 7 1,000
Primula officinalis (L.) Hill. (Primula veris L. var.officinalis L.)* Cowslip (paigle, primrose)
Cowslip (paigle, primrose) is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Primalaceae family. The rootstock is fleshy, rough, unbroken. Roots are numerous, long, light brown.
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Echter Schlüsselblume (Primel) 4-6, 9-10 1,000
Sambucus nigra L. Elder
The elder is a large bush or tree of the family Caprifoliaceae. The root system is highly developed, penetrating deep into the soil. The stems are up to 10 m tall, with expanded branches...
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Schwarzer Holunder 4 - 5 5,000
Tagetes erecta** Aztec Marigold Studentenblume, Sammetblume 5 – 8 1,000
Tanacetum vulgare L. (Chrysanthemum vulgare (L.) Bernh.) Tansy
The Tansy is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Compositae family. The rootstock is horizontally, branched, short with many roots.
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Rainfarn 5 - 8 1,000
Verbascum nobile Vel. et Verbascum pseudonobile Stoj. et Stef. Mullein
Millein is a two-year herbaceous plant of the family Scrophulariaceae. During the first year of the seed, only a leaf rosette develops, and in the second one
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Königskerze 6 - 8 1,000

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